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4th official

WTF are they all about ?
Seriously, WTF ??
Absolute useless fucking clowns, probably one step away from an equally pathetic linesman, neither has any say on the game especially the 4th fella who only gets abused by the managers.
They mean fuck all to anybody and have no say at all regarding the game, are they just a ref's nark ?

Re: 4th official

lecter wrote:
WTF are they all about ?
Seriously, WTF ??
Absolute useless fucking clowns, probably one step away from an equally pathetic linesman, neither has any say on the game especially the 4th fella who only gets abused by the managers.
They mean fuck all to anybody and have no say at all regarding the game, are they just a ref's nark ?

Much advice has been offered to Referees at various stages of development, from newly qualified officials through to the pinnacle, the International List recognised by FIFA.

All makes perfect sense mate  salut

"The role of the Fourth Official in the past has tended to be a rarely acknowledged responsibility. Many people have simply seen it as a stage to be learned, in making progress as a Referee.

In 1991, FIFA introduced the Fourth Official into the Laws of the Game. The original role was basically to take over from any of the three match officials, should one of them become unable to continue due to an injury. The Fourth Official's role developed further over the ensuing years, giving them more responsibility and credibility. The Football Association recognises the importance of this increased role. It is appropriate to offer some useful advice specifically targeted at the Fourth Official.

This guide should be of considerable benefit as it sets out, in simple terms, the important aspects of the role in supporting the Referee in an increasingly difficult job.

Referees should endeavour to obtain a balance of appointments as a Referee, as an Assistant Referee and as a Fourth Official in their formative years in order to develop the necessary skills in all capacities.

The information in this guide is provided as further advice for Referees to consider as they embark upon their career as a match official. Like Refereeing, being a Fourth Official can provide much enjoyment, satisfaction and healthy exercise. It also allows you to meet and make new friends among players, club officials and Referees. You will be in good company. Thoroughly ENJOY giving this extremely useful service to the game, for the benefit of the participants. Though it may not always appear to be the case, your contribution to the game WILL be appreciated.

References to the male gender in this guide in respect of Referees, Assistant Referees, Fourth Official, players and officials are for simplification only and apply to both males and females."

so there you have it Lecter  Orc ass

fucking hell you've got me going now mate    

A useful man-management trick, is for the Fourth Official to approach each technical area before the game starts, and say something like the following:

" Is everything OK? Let me know when you want to make a substitution, and enjoy the game."

This identifies the Fourth Official, and demonstrates that they are human, and approachable, and in-charge!

It also lets the occupants know who they need to approach if a substitution is required. This will prevent the Assistant Referee being unnecessarily distracted.

The Referee could introduce the Fourth Official to the technical area occupants if time allows before the commencement of the game.

The Fourth Official shall remind the coaches that they must remain within the confines of the technical area during the match.

As soon as the game kicks off, the Fourth Official should move into the position between the technical areas. During the game, they will very often have to deal with angry enquiries from both sets of technical area occupants. They will be the first official in the firing line for abuse and aggressive behaviour. A decision made by the Referee, or Assistant Referee on the field of play, can very often be vented against the Fourth Official, who because of his accessibility, is a prime target for any pent-up frustrations to be expressed. It is no use trying to explain any of the Referee's (or Assistant Referees') decisions to irate managers - because they only hear what they want to hear. The best method of approach for a Fourth Officials to take, is to try and pacify such shows of aggression, by allowing the perpetrator a few moments to vent their steam. It must be remembered that football is a very passionate and emotive game - without those two facets, it would not be the game that it is.

[b]Dealing with bad language is a tricky one. If it is voiced in passion, then the Fourth Official can try and wait for the moment to pass and than give the offender a firm word of friendly advice. If it is bad language delivered with frustration, then once again, the Fourth Official should try and man-manage the situation. If the unwanted language is premeditated or is completely 'over the top', then it is the Fourth Official's responsibility to bring this to the Referee's attention. This may result in the immediate removal of the offender from the technical area.

When a Fourth Official is in position alongside the field of play, they become the ambassador of the Football Association, and represent the match officiating team. It is vitally important that they dress smartly and that their demeanour reflects the importance of their role. It is no good standing with socks rolled down, stomach poking through a scruffy T-shirt, and dishevelled hair. A smart tracksuit, polished boots, combed hair and tidy clothing are the expected garb, and will help create a good professional impression to those watching.

Steak old lad, you have bored the shit out of me there, i read a few paragraphs from each and kicked the dog.
So all in all, i'm correct, no fucker knows what they do.
Ref's narks with less respect than a poppy burning paki.

To decipher -He is the Joey...     to take all the shit from the bench,that's aimed at the Ref which in turn deflects the pressure from the Ref .. meaning the Ref can concentrate on getting the decsions right which would then mean less hassle for the 4th official who has to explain the Refs cock ups to the bench .i think......    

Character building for new Refs in other words   Trinquons!

Nope, not having it, whatever way you tart it up, theyre still useless cunts who are no fucking good to man nor beast, in todays climate they produce nothing so are therefore not needed.
2 More linemen who can influence and help a ref (ref has to listen) now wer'e talking. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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