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Advice Please

Advice please

Been charged with wounding...was with intent but they have dropped intent. Was coming to the aid of a mate when this oaf waded in and threw a punch at me.
Turns out he was an off duty bouncer at the place (no id on) and I hit him once..he banged his head on the way down; and had a minor brain bleed in hospital for 3 week allegedly.. all on CCTV

It has gone to crown court (July), my brief (shite) has advised I plead guilty to wounding. I am wanting to plead self defence...

Any advice gents...or good solicitor recommendations, thinking of binning mine.

Top Rank SC

Your facing a serious charge there mate (not that you need telling im sure). Your lucky they have dropped the intent bit as that is even more serious but is harder to prove that you went out with the intention to do something.
You need to talk to your brief about what he reckons you are looking at if you plead guilty, my experience with the courts and briefs is they will advise you go guilty to get a lesser sentence, i got advised to do a guilty over football related in mid 80s, i actually wasnt guilty and thought fuck it and fought it in court and got a result, i was lucky though and even my brief was shocked i got the result, had it gone tits up i was looking at some time.
You need to weigh it up mate, go not guilty and then get found guilty your looking at worse sentence, i expect your brief is advising what he thinks will cause least damage based on the evidence they have against you.
Close family member couple of yrs back did a similar thing in a night club when his mate was about to get attacked, he jumped in and battered the lad, tried the self defence route but copped a guilty as cps said he wasnt the one about to be attacked, shit i know but there you go, he got fine and community service.
Good luck anyways mate.

You may want to talk with your brief, have you seen the CCTV footage as you need to think like a juror, also do you have any info on the off duty bouncer if he was bigger than you and instigated the contact on you and it's clear on the CCTV evidence then you probably have a good case.

Also do you have any witnesses that will speak on your behalf?

May want to move this thread to the locked down forum that visitors can't view (just a suggestion) we know there are some undesirables watching the site based on a previous thread.

Cheers gents


I'd try not guilty on the oaf, but would go guilty to self defence.
Think about it, i'm sure you have ,...........your having a good night out, theres an 'altercation' this big fucker of a bouncer, not some ordinary joe, but a trained,sober possible body builder on roids bouncer slings a shot at you, what do you do ?? Self defence old lad, self defence.
Tell them if he'd managed to get the first poke in, it would have been you in a coma.
Folk just cannot be allowed to go throw their weight around cause they are fucking boucers.
Sounds like he's a proper fucking bully anyway, just like coppers, cunts in a tunic think they can do as they please.
Good luck. salut Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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