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am i missing summat?

where is everyone? is this site dying?

I was on holiday last week but I'm always on we have never had the numbers unfortunately hopefully it will pick up during the season.

We have the numbers but not enough posters, just same as members forum.
Open forum is constantly spoilt by idiots and stalkers alike, admin ought to delete more imo, same old cunts posting shite, should be deleted straight off.
The new season will see an improvement on open site, but sadly this and members forum wont change a lot.
Need more banter and more folk posting.

need cunts to start posting and stop watching youjizz when they are free!!!

bradford.. cant wait!! summat bout this tuesday, reckon if all goes according it will be fun times for once

Said it before and say it again FACEFUCK is fucking forums up!!

And no i do not have an account and never will

fuck all wrong with youporn feller!! thumbs

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