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Andy Lonergan

What do you lot think then? I personally think it's a good signing, yeh they got relegated last season but, with a better defence/midfield in front of him I think he'll do a job for us!

Just like the schmiecal situation then eh ?
Shit defence, shit midfield and concede 70 goals.
Cant see us getting in the top 8 this time around, no guts, no passion, no chance of glory with those 2 at the helm.
I thought the lowest point in my life as a United fan was in 78 when adamson (out) was manager, but fucking hell, that was nothing compared to these last few yrs, and believe me it will get worse before it starts getting better

Keepers in this Division who will do you a job are ten a penny - Kaspers no loss in that respect if we got a fee for him to re invest , it's just that it sends out the wrong messages when we sell our best young players as to what we're about - Again i think there's better (or was) out there than Killkenny & Johnson - if we had just a little ambition - but no - our lack of involvement this summer in the transfer market says everything about our aspirations for the new season - Fucking York City show more ambition than Leeds as it stands .........Ken wants Hotels an a Beeston Village - The team can wait for a few year

I think he will be better than Kasper, but then again we couldnt do much fucking worse could we?

Apparently Kasper had a stormer yesterday

nah he didnt Pitbull he had an average game and pulled of one long ranger, that he made look better than it was. Steaks bang on the money here, in this division they are all a much of a muchness, theres not a lot to choose between all of em. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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