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BEWARE Big Brother is watching you.

So not content with fucking raising VAT, taxes, petrol and inflation whilst wages stay stagnant we are all gonna eventually get screwed with the introduction of this little number. No more bombing down the motorway after a night game when theres fuck all else on the road.

Av a read pal

3. Objectives
The main objective of Common Purpose is social control in a collectivist and corporatist society.

The other objectives of Common Purpose are the destruction of the national identity of Britain, the destruction of democracy in Britain, the undermining of traditional beliefs and values and the slow, secretive merging of the public and private sectors into a state-controlled partnership.

What would you say, if I introduced to you a system, whereby, in an 'open and free society', some views were not heard at all? Possible? That is precisely what Common Purpose has set out to do - create an organisation that instructs its members how they must think and act on a number of key issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, the EU, global warming and any type of nationalism.

The plan, now well advanced, is to create a massive network of 'training and diversity' organisations to brainwash the useful idiots needed to run society on behalf of the 'élite'. These include those involved with the institutions of government, commerce, education, law enforcement etc.

Common Purpose proposes a 'design for life', from a frighteningly early age. If you are with them, you can rise through the system until you reach your calling - but dissent, and you will always be staring upwards from the nadir below. In other words, if you will not play by the rules of the manipulated system, you can kiss any future career goodbye.

We are all being 'shafted' by a group of so-called 'élitists', who see the people as little more than taxable cash cows, that must be firmly indoctrinated and then kept in their place.

Common Purpose objectives for individuals and families

* Rapidly falling incomes
* House repossessions
* Increasing debt
* Unemployment or low-skill employment
* Poverty
* Overcrowding
* Control from cradle to grave
* Victims of crime
* Cultural disintegration
* Constant surveillance including driving !

Common Purpose objectives for Britain

* Perennial trade deficit
* High unemployment
* Massive debt
* Mortgaged to foreigners
* Inequality
* High population density
* High immigration to destroy the culture
* Social fragmentation
* Economic enslavement
* Organised plunder
* Band-aid NHS
* Politically correct multi-culturalism
* Destruction of the middle class

Objectives for Common Purpose members, bureaucrats and politicians

* Rising incomes
* Full employment
* Tax-funded income
* Comfortable pensions
* Private medical insurance
* Human rights
* Lavish spending

Destroy Britain
Part of the objective is to destroy the identity of Britain and destroy democracy in Britain.

Social control
They are obsessed with social control and social engineering.

Create a communitarian society
Secretive merging of the public and private sectors into a state-controlled partnership - a communitarian society.

Its just a thought mate !    lol

Understand your train of thought triangle, but who votes these pieces of shit into power time after time ? OK most folk dont vote these days cause they are sick of the lies.

From my perspective, I have no interest in what the "State" economy is doing. I appreciate that to the Government, it is vital. A "growing" economy means more tax revenue as the citizens it forces to cough up their hard earned money will have more of the stuff, whilst "shrinking economy" means it will have to use more violence against the citizens to obtain the same level of funding it so desperately craves.

I am only interested in MY economy. The economy I can control. If my times are hard, I will simply spend less, consume less, grow more of my own food, make do and chop a few more logs for the fire. If the Government however decides it can no afford an army of diversity coordinators to administer Muslim outreach programs on the Isle of Skye, it will simply force us to pay more taxes until it can. In this way, a shrinking economy is good for the citizen, bad for the State. Do you really care that State tractor production is down 0.5%?

Remember the golden rule. The State is the shepherd. All he wants is the biggest flock of obedient sheep he can manage (with the help of his sheepdogs) raised to the fattest weight at the lowest cost he can achieve.

Ignore what the State dictates is important and concentrate on what is important in your life. The State is not your friend, it is your master. It's goal is to take us all to the abattoir for the best price.

Go free range. Or continue to be farmed. Simple as that.

Fuck the government, they are the ones that continue to steal our money for their own purpose (expenses) they are the ones that continue to lie when in power, their manifesto's go out the window, its fucking hideous imo, the whole lot of the cunts should be sacked asap, also the coppers, they are our servants but continue to beat us with an iron rod, especially football fans.
Roll on the revolution and English civil war, its happening all over the world, hopefully it's coming our way.
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Im hearing you boys. Thing that fucks me off about this little number (the camera) is this, the camera takes no account of the time of day your driving, the conditions, how busy the road is..nothing, if you speed you get done. Now i aint no problem with speeders getting done at all, there are some fucking arseholes on our roads who speed on minor roads, outside school and tail gate you on the motorway even when your passing something and have nowhere to go they are there flashing the lights up your arse (hate those cunts).
This latest fucking camera seems to be designed to just generate loads of fucking money, as i say, late at night fuck all else on the road coming back from a game does it really matter if your doing 90mph? apparently it does and you will be fined and get 3 points. Evil or Very Mad

For fuck sake fellas go for a beer      
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pitbull wrote:
For fuck sake fellas go for a beer      

Would do mate but its too fucking expensive now with all that tax.

lol Yea true

Right Wing propaganda was presented to me as an 15 year old at ER(some 33 years ago ) ,I would salute but didnt quite understand it all .Now i do and can see the poison  ,Pitbull youre spot on pal ,get a round in while i skin up Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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