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Bristol city today

Been reading a few stories about todays events so thought id chip in with my view, like a fair few other Leeds was in their end 8 of us in total and we were in the williams stand lower block right next to leeds, unreserved seating as well. City had a couple of dozen fuckwits thinking they were the business not one of them looked like he was capable of doing anything taken out of their little gang, couple of prick to note, little shaven headed lad next to his bigger mates jumping round like a fucking monkey then some other cunt with his head tattooed, all spit and jumping nothing else.
Not been stupid and knowing we were outnumbered we did stay quiet when we scored the first goal but quite a few lads around jumped up, then the brave city lads started giving it mouth, few punches thrown stewards move in backed up by police and they are dragged out. Leeds charge at fence, city stay put in their seats apart from jumping round like clowns and it all dies down. Fair game to a couple of our, one lad it took at least 8 plods and stewards to carry him out, big lad with glasses also put up a right fight.
What is it with bristol and the need for having to vastly number the opposition before they will have a go. One little scroat outside in clone island after game was bigging it up outside the kfc, really playing up for his mates, about 16-17 bang put straight on his arse. FFS i despair i really do. Got a few pics will post up later.

Tell you who bristol city remind me of - cardiff city, same fan mentality getting all excited when leeds hit town, and i thought fucking bristol rovers were bad. Very Happy

Spot on

Was there too mate and your post is spot on. Nothing in town beforehand, bit of a rush by Leeds in ground, then walked back to town (an hour Ffs) and nothing. Bristol kid on other site getting a bit carried away in his cup final. Lol.
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There were 3 young leeds lads a few rows in front of us who got started on by fucking old blokes pushing em about telling em to get out and all that bollocks, then this fucking young city scroat comes up and head butts one of the lads, with that stewards move in and chuck the leeds lads out, the city lot go untouched. Couldnt believe what the cunts were getting away with right in front of plod and stewards, imagine that at leeds, you be knicked and banned. Piss myself if these cunts were caught on camera and are awaiting an early morning knock.
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just read some of the total shite on the other site, talk about getting fucking excited. If leeds really are so shite and nothing why is the cunt bothering to take the time out to post on a site, clearly there was more going on today than they usually get down there cos he aint stopped banging on about it since.
Its another case of your typical little team getting visited by a big club and the small teams fans getting all giddy and just a bit rose tinted.
Facts are leeds were all over in there ends, when leeds rushed to the fence that kiddy firm of about 20 fucking shit it, no attempt to rush to the fence themselves because they knew they would have been destroyed, numbers dictate and apart from that 20 or so collection of 6 fingered farmers no one else was making out they were up for it, we were surrounded by old men, teenagers and families, hardly the stuff that could have done fuck all had leeds got through.
After game a collection of scruffy clone island wearing scroats outside kfc, making lots of noise safely with the police nearby, all safe and they knew it. Had we wanted we could have pissed all over them.
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