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Could they still do a job ? And would you have them back ?

Would it be that much of a gamble  if the price was right of course  
All likley to be available this summer on a free - Bowyer Woodgate & Smith ?   drunken
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Id probably take woody back, but fucking deffo not smith that judas little cunt thought he was billy big time when he fucked off to the club he said he never would join. remember him saying he was too good to play in the championship  lol  lol this from a player who has been relegated now with 2 teams, bit of a coincidence. Always thought he was over-rated anyway, saw the cunt miss too many open chances, never bought into the whole smith hype myself, liverpool fan who peddled the myth of being leeds thru and thru, cunt. Bowyer? not convinced either way.

Wouldn't touch Woody with a 20ft bargepole he's a sicknote + he'd be too close to his idiot friends in smoggey town.

Smuddger is finished and there's better who would be cheaper.

Bowyer would be worth a punt IMO

Harte was embarrassed today in the POF so before those calls start I'm preempting no fucking way.

Wouldn't take any of them back.

None of them would be the same as they were, well Smith was never that good anyway. You should neber go back never. We have moved on and they would only be journeymen now and to be honest we have had enough of them over the years.

I would like to see Grayson build a team that plays good football and gets the adrenalin flowing. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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