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Dispatches tonight on Channel 4

Firstly well done Dispatches for airing the programme, maybe ITV and other mainstream TV companies might have some bollocks and show similar, but dont hold your breath for the BBC.

So Banksy and all you apologists. As we have said for years, this was a small sample of a small amount of mosques that they managed to get into, I suppose your answer will be that the other 1200 or so mosques dont behave like this, No course they dont, it was very disproportional of dispacthes to find just these couple of mosques they managed to infiltrate and it was merely coincidental that what went on there is against all the teachings of Islam and that all the other mosques condem it. Read all the relies on the original web link, no muslims condemm what happens there, they all fail to condemm the beating of kids, and all they keep bleating about is that "we are islamaphobic", and that "it does not represent the muslim faith". no mention of any investigation, or that its horrific, or even wrong.

Its a bit like the recent cases of child grooming that have come to light recently, something thats been going on for years and overlooked, Of a recent 58 cases that have been brought to justice a fucking staggering 52 of them were "good honest muslims". Jack Straw good bless the fuckwit has even gone on record in his own backyard of Blackburn and declared "its a muslim problem" especially when you consider that 92% of the crime were comitted by a total of 5% of the population, absolutly fucking horrifying. Again lets swing the old "islamaphobia and racist stick" at people, rather than condemm it, the silence from the muslim quarters on the problem is deafening.

The EDL that started was mainly ultra right wing ex footy hooligans, its now becoming more moderate, more middle England everyday working class people are turning up, why? very simple. Its because we are tired to fuck of having this islamphobia shite rammed down our necks every time we want to make a comment, or have our say, or speak out at this despicable religion. the EDL started as a mouthpiece for the far right, now its fast gaining popularity amongst the many people in this country who just want to voice an opinion, without being harranged for it. The snowball is growing, Dispatches has shown this programme, Camerons speech the other day, there is now the odd snippet in the papers about discontent. The minute the Tories or anyone for that matter, get a sniff of the general real census of opinion in this country towards muslims, it will explode as they will bring it to the fore and it will become mainsteam, even the 2 moderate muslims at the end of the programme admitted, "we are going into full scale religious aparthied, and social segregation and seperation, and we are going to reap the whirlwind".

5 years ago there was a dead cam stillness where nobody would not make a ripple, At the moment there is a little stirring in the wind, 5 years from now there will be the makings of the whirlwind. Ive said for years on here it would get worse and it will be the muslim communitys own undoing, they will have completly fetched it upon themselves.

I say this The whole INTEGRATION thing has failed miserably. What say all the muslims who hate our ways our laws, our culture get gifted a 1-way paid ticket to the country of thier choosing, no questions asked. You dont come back, no way, no how. We will deal with our social-political problems OUR WAY, we will deal with HATE OUR WAY, we will live, die, reproduce, work, play, retire, learn, express and create OUR WAY, BY OURSELVES. You leave all this HATE and the neverending list of EVIL RACIST WHITE PEOPLE negatives to us. Go AWAY, to a place where you are free from HATE.

You work out your world to your satisfaction. And KNOW THE UK IS OFF LIMITS in every way you can imagine. You live successfully, happily on your patch of turf, we'll stick to ours.

Just responded to your post on open forum pal.

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