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Early Colour TV and Football..

One for the older lads...
What's your earliest memories of Colour TV ? - i know the 1970 World Cup was broadcast in Colour for the first time - My mates Dad had it and it seemed like the whole street crowded round to have a look - But i know we couldn't afford it in our house untill 1972 - we had it put in the Saturday we beat Brum in the Cup Semi-Final ...i was minted up watching the lads in Primrose Yellow cruise to an other Final...

Achive MOD - Brazil V England Guadalajara 1970 World Cup
Commentry from David Coleman & Don Revie.........Vintage  Very Happy

Would be better with the link i reckon !!

I added the linky's for S&K

1st 1/2 2nd 1/2

My favorite WC ever and Brazil the best side won though it should have been a Brazil vs England final the two best teams in the competition, I think we got a colour TV for the tournament.

Also remember collecting the Esso coins of the England squad.

lecter wrote:
Would be better with the link i reckon !!

Thank you Lecter -   your right - smart arse  Orc ass

SCUSA - thanks for bailing me out on the cock up  drunken

Lecter - was talking recently to a mutal Fax old timer at a soul do recently .   P..l M...y - said he know you and sends regards  salut
Tim Burr

First time l can remember watching Leeds in colour was the 1970 FA Cup Final replay, in the Quarry Hill flats, nice place!

Still can not believe we lost that game! Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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