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End of an Era

So Tetleys brewery in Leeds closed today FFS on its day the best pint in England when hand pulled and the landlord knew what he was doing.

My favorite pint was in the Black Rock in Wakey especially on a Thu/Fri/Sat night to kick off a Westgate run or some pussy hunting :)

The king is dead long live the new king Leeds Brewery & Leeds best.

I left Leeds/Wakey at 19 to go to college I thought all beers would be as good as Tets or Timmy Taylors, Theakstons & Sam Smiths was I in for a shock went to college in staffordshire and the beer was piss also spit out my first fish and chips as it was cod and not haddock and tasted like shit.

I quickly learned that Yorks not only had the best footy team LUFC but the best beer by a country fucking mile and best fish & chips and also the best curry houses in Britain.

One thing I found out though while I always liked Yorkshire lasses a lot of em could be stuck up bitches with high expectations the staffs lasses were as good looking if not better and were also easier for the good looking ones to get past the giggle band, I also found quite a few quite liked in fact were enthusiastic about taking it up the tail pipe especially after a night on the pop!

Coming from Brum I have to agree with you about the football team, the beer and the fish & chips. Not so sure about the curry houses though!  lol
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My Grandad will be turning in his grave at this news...

Think it was voted Englands best pint by Camra in about 1976   - Late 70s when most pubs were still pouring the Electric crap, at least in Leeds we still had some great Flag ship Pubs that served a great hand pulled pint of Tetleys  - We used to plan Friday & Saturday night crawls specificly around the hand pulled haunts of Tetleys finest - Whingate And Tong Road one night - Stanningley Bottom The next night < then week after it would East Street Followed By a tour of Hunslet or maybe Burley - All those areas were great little runs - Bring back the Tetley Pub Hunt - Fucking hell suffered some major hangovers trying to complete one of them in a day  drunken Tetley's certainly helped to define the man i am today - Fat & Round  Very Happy

LUAFC67 wrote:
Coming from Brum I have to agree with you about the football team, the beer and the fish & chips. Not so sure about the curry houses though!  lol

agree birmingham best for curries and before the balti became famous the only place you could get it :-)

In the 80's we had a run in pubs, "The Halifax Handful"  as it was called. A pub crawl consisting of tetleys houses, 24 stamps per card, when you got 8, you got a free tetley tee shirt, one afternooon I got 2 tee-shirts, my fucking pisspot pal got 3.
RIP Tetleys ale.
M Sthlm

I blame carlsberg, clueless cunts! Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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