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Top Rank SC

Forest today

usual noise and gestures and bit of jumping around, all looks very comical when you stand back and just watch em. These young cunts wouldnt have lasted 5 minutes in the 80s. Strange how they only seem to do when they know they are safe. Lets be honest anyone can dance around like a prick and give it the big un knowing full well plod is there to save your arse if it comes on top. What they should have done if so up for it was take a quiet walk into town or up beeston hill then when plods out the way make themselves known, instead they make a big song and dance letting plod know who they are. No fucking style.

No minerals either. If you do get wrapped up by plod it has a much better effect when you're quiet

Annoys the fuck out of me when these cunts sing "we all hate leeds scum"
only ever sing it inside the ground where they are safe cosy and soundly wrapped up in cotton wool, then outside they are all quite as fuck.
Like top rank said, they bounce around in front of ob knowing they are safe.
Ive asked a few away fans outside SS this season why they are quite and not gobbing off, all replied the same, not us mate we didnt sing it , fucking tossers, i know i should just let it go but it fucks me off, in our day we would at least have the balls to back our mouths up even if we came off 2nd best.

I've hated these scabby twats since big ed and the miners strike, compounded now with job done what an odious cunt. Plus there fans have whining like little girls since the final whistle.

Been to there shithole of a ground many times outnumbered heading back to the railway station but didn't keep our mouths shut and held our own even with the fucking OB looking for any excuse to pull a Leeds fan, in fact I think there rossers were much more up for it than there shitty fans. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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