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Funniest one liner on the way

For me it has to be a gentleman on the tube to West Ham in 81 ish preparing to visit Upton Park with his umberella in his hand like a pointing stick  with the immortal line to some Leeds on the same tube who were not taking the imminent battle ahead very seriously  and singing we are leeds songs  ""Fuck me lads where do you think we are going ,Norwich !!"We all fell about with laughter for a few moments before the cold silence . We arrived and went upstairs  to the fruit market with Cass and  his friends then unplanned the second tube arrived and we had them .They were well pissed off ,even the whufc coppers were gutted we had delivered ."WHO DO THEY FACKIN THINK THEY ARE "


About 86ish  -Away game called off at mid day but we had already met up to travel (maybe Sunderland or Newcastle somewhere) - Reserves were playing scum away - so inpromptu we went there instead -
50 odd pissed up lads ,with a couple of flags to boot made a right racket in Scums main stand - got to be Leeds best away following for a reserve fixture -or at least the loudest

Only about 3 Coppers on duty -one , frantic with his walkitalki thing -With his mate flapping " Fucking hell - what are you lot doing here ?"
Top Rank SC

Mr Pennant im sure is one very "Naughty Bastard" to quote Kate Kray, One should also remember he is one very good fictional author behind some of the worlds best selling Hoolie Porn titles.

Nothing against Cass at all and good luck to the lad in his money making activities, the thing that pisses many people off though is that the uneducated who buy these works of fiction during a trip to Waterstones believe them to be fact. What next the 6.57 Crew coming to Leeds and strolling around unchallenged in the 80s or west ham running us all round the city centre

I refer to him only as a reference point and dont really remember any black lads specifically with them  .As for 657 and other claims its not even worth answering .Jackanory !!!! Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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