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How long has Grayson got...

That's Max and Howson Suspended  Wall bash - Can quite easily see Hull turning us over mid week too - and what with West Ham And Ipswich away looming i just don't see where the points will come from... Rock bottom by the end of the month and several points adrift  - It's not if but when Larry goes .....thing is should he walk now with his head held high knowing that the fan's will aknowledge he's sick of working with peanuts or does he really think Bates won't  sack him before October ?

It would be a poor decision to sack SG & if he does who does he bring in Wobbly again, who else would be willing to come in?

i know it would be a poor decision to sack him mate  - but when has Bates ever been worried about that

steakandsidney wrote:
i know it would be a poor decision to sack him mate  - but when has Bates ever been worried about that

Bates doesn't give a fuck about Leeds I think he really enjoys screwing money out of us, the thing is if he sacks SG it absolutely puts the focus directly back on him.

First time in years I have missed first home game but I'm fucked if I'm gunna pay to line that old bastards pockets.
Grayson should quit now before he sullies his reputation being attached the old piece of shit.


Agree with you steak old lad, grayson should walk before being shoved out, head held high, telling the truth, otherwise no one will listen or give a fuck what he says, it will be too late .
we all know bates is a cunt, ive been saying since he came, he's only in it for himself.
Since the alleged riots when we were supposed to have smashed up stamford bridge, twice  cheers   bates said then, and i quote

" I will do all in my power to get LUFC kicked out of the league, it might take time, but it will happen, their fans are scum of the earth"

He will never forget, and has only the interest of building a 'United village'
we could be in the bottom division, go through numerous managers and crowds WILL drop massively. he will have done as he said in the 80's.

definetly worried,we could be 5 games into season with no points,we need to organise a mass demo,or do what juventus fans did when they were getting the piss taken by the club,the whole crowd turned their back on the team,not saying turn against the team,but old pissy pants might get the message,anyway the old cunt aint getting any of my hard earned until he puts some money into the team,fuck him,rant over.

I think Larry should walk as well, because when the shit hits the fan at least he can tell it like it is, And to be honest I think his sacking could be the catalyst to getting rid of Bates once and for all. As larry could go straight on record as saying the support he has had from Bates is fucking shite and it would turn all the support against Bates, because no matter who comes in, with no money they would struggle, you could get GOD in here at the moment and with that squad he would struggle. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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