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If you could go back and relive one year in your life:

Which year would it be and why.
Mine 1989 cos i shaggin a gorgeous bit of stuff at the time and following Leeds was great, start of our promotion season and Vinny Jones had come to play for us, Strachan and Baird in the squad and every away game saw us taking the piss.


Agree with 89-90 -The signings we made that summer sent out a very special message to the fans and you knew you were in on the start of something very big that was about to happen - The sense of excepectation was massive and it snowballed all year into the cannon ball that hit Bournmouth.

Always enjoyed our first season in Divsion 2 as well - 82-83 - for me that's the season that defined our away support into what it became - massive numbers of lads going everywhere on a tour of the second divison shit tip grounds of their day - some great days out that season - and just right age to enjoy em to the full  
billy big bollocks

It's just got to be the few seasons between '83 - 85 when Leeds were on their wrecking tour of Great Britain. EVERY single week was mayhem and with me been a 16 year old lad at the time was fucking mint!

Agree wi Steak n Big bollox on this one, going down in 82, wi the chance o meeting Chelsea for first time, plus going to grounds that were shite, Missed out on the 89 season as I was stuck in fucking Java of all about Bournmouth rioting in Java Post Newspaper. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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