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Did any of you see that prgramme last night wi the old fella passing away.... bit ruthless to see that on the box I thought, his family were grieving around him. Me Grandad looked like the fella when he died, dont think it is neccassary to see it!!

Another thing, who gives a fuck about Osama Bin Laden, he's fucking dead, I dont need to see a fucking documentary to tell me that over and over again with soem yank spouting shit about this and fucking that!

I am having a shit day at work, can you tell?? hahahaha Nothing to do on Saturday! :-(

MOT gents

How are you headrow? Fucking car game is on the floor at ours at the moment, had 2 shite months, new car regs, in March were horrific, F and I is well down, small cars , small balances, and all cash no products. And to top it all off Ive got a disciplinary coming up for telling a mobility customer to "fuck off out my showroom" fucking doley vermin, bet you dont do cripple credit at yours , deposits to big for some of the filthy parasites.

And before anyone starts taking the moral high ground, I can 100% state I have no problem whatsover with the genuine mobilty cases who need it. In fact I would gladly pay en extra 1-2-3p in the pound to support it for the genuine people. but the amount of filthy doley parasites that come in and get a brand new 20k car for 299 deposit pretending to be ill, disabled, or its for their mum, dad, grandad, makes me fucking ill, especially the fucking pakis who come in and get a nice new Insignia/Zafira CDTi against one of the family whos just got of the banana boat, then seeing the fucking thing illegal taxi-ing the week after while they draw their dole make me fucking puke.


Hey up mate,

It has been a bit of a struggle pal, it is picking up now though I am pleased to say. We finished a bit of the pace on used for f&i last month but we smashed it in new. My biggest issue at the moment is trade, blowing some right moolah on big 4x4's and large saloon cars fella.

Know what you mean about the motab brigade, you would be amazed at how many units we have done, even with our levels of deposit! year on growth of over 150%?

So whats happened to the board then, no one seems to be posting...... There were tons of folk on here when it first started off. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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