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just got back from burnley magistrates

just got back from burnley magistrates
April 14 2011 at 6:54 PM pockwhite  (Login pockwhite)


found NOT GUILTY only because the 2 coppers fucked their stories up first one said that i
hit him with a left
the second one said it was a right hand

first one admitted he grabbed me round the throat
second one denied this

first one said there was 3 of us
second said there was about 300

first one said it was quiet
second said there was lots of chanting and was noisy.

under cross examination the solicitor asked me if my team played i white, i said yes he then said are you from pock i said yes he then asked if i go on forums, i said yes then he produced everything from this and the other site what i have said about my case and that i struggled when one arm was in the cuffs and swung back with my left brushing the copper, so tried doing me on that assault instead of smacking the copper in the face.

he wasnt allowed to produce this material cos my solicitor was unaware of it so they could only find me not guilty.

so it goes to show that solicitors and coppers are all over this site to help with a conviction, snide bastards

anyway good result in the end so i can go to game on sat now


so it goes to show that solicitors and coppers are all over this site to help with a conviction, snide bastards

Think you know the score pock, all fucking wankers , hate coppers with a passion, corrupt bullies of the highest order. Want to be your mate down the pub on their own, in a tunic they are nothing but utter utter wankers, hope more and more of the cunts lose their jobs and see how they feel.
Cant do a decent honest job, no fucker but their own can stand them. they blame it all on red tape etc, but can manage to pull out all the stops for football fans.

dont know you fella, but congrats, about time there lies came unstuck
Top Rank SC

Good result mate, pleased for ya. I have a lot of time for OB outside of football cos i think they do a difficult job and got a couple of mates who are plod as well. Thing is tho when it comes to football they are lying bastards. Back in the mid 80s my first ever court case involved 2 coppers arresting me in s stand for alledged incitement and a few other things thrown in. Went to court and like you there stories didnt match, from the description of what i was wearing and what im supposed to have done, my solicitor halted the first hearing cos i said i wasnt wearing what was being said, we requested my mug shots and it was clear i wasnt wearing what they said and the judge just threw it out, thing was i was actually innocent as well, and other lads who got nicked around me were innocent but some pleaded guilty just to get the thing over with. It was one of those coppers come into the crowd and just nick anyone they can grab situations. Anyway well done mate, just a shame you had to go thru all that shit and stress.

I'd recommend anyone not to give information away about there location in future especially in there username, that's why I use SCUSA. Also don't put details.

I doubt that it was anyone registered on the site that pulled this info but I believe anyone can come on and read the threads, maybe there should be some closed threads that only registered users can see or access?

Oh and pock well done mate.
Top Rank SC

Can you have closed threads?? if so do it mate.

Top Rank SC wrote:
Can you have closed threads?? if so do it mate.

Done let me know if this is ok?

I've created a 2nd forum that is only viewable by registered users only, I recommend that only discussions that may be of interest to the OB should be in that forum only Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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