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Name the Players 1980s Quiz

A Quiz for the summer Part 1 -
Part 2 & 3 to follow  -  
Don't wanna give too many clues yet - see how yer go - belive me if you were there you'll at least know the names - even if the old grey matters gone to the extent that you don't recognize the face anymore - see how many you can suss -    



kin ell Im exactly the opposite recognize the faces cant remember the names, its going to be one of them where you go "fuck me of course it is"

Top Aizlewood
next Alan curtis the swansea legend, and if im not mistaken is that picture perhaps, Valetta??.
cant mistake lasher in the next
next is andy summat
next is bairdy
last two are mc somthing and last is parlane
Top Rank SC

I got Billy

Mark Aizlewood
Alan Curtis
Peter Lorimer and Andy Linighan
Ian Baird
Jack Ashurst,  Russell Doig, Peter Haddock, Billy, Dunno, Dunno, Keith Edwards
Bob Taylor
Bobby McDonald
Derek Parlane


Mark Aizlewood
Alan Curtis
Lorimer & Linigan
Andy Watson (Aberdeen)
Keith Edwards & Bairdy
Jack Ashurst, John Buckley, Peter Haddock, David Sinclair or Walter Swinburn?, Russell Doig, Keith Edwards.
Bob Taylor (play off goal '87!)
Bobby McDonald
Derek Parlane

Wasn't it Ronnie Sinclair, the keeper?

The keeper was Ronnie Sinclair, thought I was cool as fuck at school cos his favourite bands were Simple Minds and Big Country same as me at the time.

Maccas more or less got it - Ronnie Sinclaire Been the Keeper -

New lot coming up  Very Happy

I think these quizzes should be banned. Fuck me i'm bored enough without having to use the one remaining brain cell i have left Orc ass Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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