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Relegation Sunday

Who you lads want to come down?

Me I don't care from Brum, Blackburn, Blackpool or Wigan

Brum I think are in serious financial shit, good day out
Blacburn also in financial shit, short, short journey and we can have 7K Leeds fans at the game
Blackpool will be week, awesome day out for Leeds fans though I suspect the FL computer will spit out a cold midweek game in Dec/Jan and not a bank holiday weekend
Wigan will be week, another short trip and 1/2 the ground will be Leeds

Hope Wolves don't come down as they will be a shoe in for a top 6 finish plus I rate McCarthy/Connor (both Leeds fans also) management duo.

Also what about the L1 POF Dog Botherers or Taggart Jr, I have to reluctantly go with the dog botherers just because Taggart Snr will be loaning Jr loads of his best kids to help the wife beater out.
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Brum down so quite happy at that, always a lively visit to theres.

All in all not bad WHU, Brum lively spots to visit, Bpool an interesting weekend away and hopefully the FL computer fucks up and we get a nice weekend away ala bournemoth :)

Ok silly bitch lufc commercial manager posts on twitter that she wants brum to win the champ title next season (she's a brum cunt) I for one have a real problem with her posting this publicly on twitter when she is employed by lufc and followed by many lufc fans.

i've no real problem that she's a brum fan its the fact that she stated as such publicly IMO she should minimally be reprimanded if not fired any thoughts?

Get rid. This is exactly what happens when you let a split arse out of the kitchen. I rest my case sheesh!
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pitbull wrote:
Get rid. This is exactly what happens when you let a split arse out of the kitchen. I rest my case sheesh!

Day we gave em the vote is the day the country went down the pan... Very Happy Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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