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Safety Advisors

What is it with Safety Advisors? Is it just me or are they all fucking know it alls who have had a sense of Humour amputation.

I have just had my 2 day SMSTS refresher and the trainer was the most anal twat i have come across.

Didn't get any fucking gags and kept picking me up for "adult" words Wall bash  Wall bash

I am a safety advisor and know what you approach is completely different to that and I think it gets better results. Youve got to have a laugh but still get message over that construction is a dangerous game and lads are still being maimed and killed on UK sites far too often. The biggest hurldle I find is so many lads think they can look after themselves and it wont happen to them.....all the lads it has happened to probably thought that too !

I understand what you are saying fella i have my NEBOSH General but this guy was one of those that had a sense of humour by pass. The only thing he found funny was some of his stupid pictures. I have done a bit of training myself and i found if you can have the craic with the lads and be at their level if you like they respond a lot better.

I also found that they only like the pictures that show blood!! afro

I packed the training game in a couple of years ago and got to admit loads of pricks who take themselves too seriously. If I were you I'd do the week add on to take your NEBOSH Gen up to Construction Cert and you may not need SMSTS.

Just looking into the Construction NEBOSH at the moment. As for the SMSTS company insist that we all have it. Not only that it's another cert on the CV salut

Its fucking barmy that firms ask you to do the SMSTS when you've got the NEBOSH general. A couple of one day courses and you could deliver the SMSTS course. UTN in Wakefield are pretty good for Nebosh Courses. I better fucking shut up about Health & Safety now or I'll turn into Keith Lard. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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