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Selling vinyl.

Right lads,need to pick your brains,i'm getting made redundant in the coming six months,worked in a factory for 30yrs and want to try something I enjoy.
Now i'm not mystic fucking Meg but i've a feeling buying vinyl's gonna make a comeback,so that's what i'm gonna have a go at,what I really need is info of where there might be wholesale places to buy vinyl,if such places exist,also i've noticed cd's being flogged in Relic records etc for 1-2,anyone know which wholesalers these come from?It may well be that I fall flat on my arse but i'm not out to be a Richard Branson,just need a bit of beer/gig/live sport money.
Any info would be great.
Onwards and upwards.

If you want to trade in Vinyl pal i suggest you decide what particular genre is it you are dealing in .Lads still do usa trips looking for northern and modern soul  or you can  link up with a good dealer but you need to know your onions if you put money in it .The margins are to be found in the rare original market if you can source some and find a buyer.Good Luck mate .

Thanks a lot mate.
Gonna look at the rock market to start with,if a couple of little nuggets come along all well and good,got my ear to the ground and i'm aiming to buy up job lots if possible,small margin high turnover,going to look at a thousand rock vinyls on tuesday so here's hoping.
If it goes tits up i'll have a fuckin great record collection!
Cheers for the reply and info.

Good place to start is Record Collector magazine. They also do a rare record guide (think it comes out yearly). Another good source of info is Ebay. Not necessarily for buying, but keep an eye on prices and it gives you an idea of what to look out for / avoid and what sells and what sits there. Good luck mate!

Radio stations used to be a good source years back - they used to make available deleted playlist material - demos etc (i'm talking in the days of 45s like) - not sure if you can still do that

That's a thought steakandsidney,may well give some a ring.
This time next year,Rodney.
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