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This post was meant before saturday.
81/82 season, 5-1 lossbut what a weekend.
Arrived down there early sat morning, all pissed when arrived, nowt open so we headed to the beach, it was a scorching hot day, we were on the beach laking football, soaking up a few rays and drinking our vodka and whisky, plod came along and asked what wqas happening, 20 a side and your dressed in black so you can be bastard ref was the reply.
Never saw any swansea fans until inside the ground, peter barnes' first game for us, latchford scored a hat-trick and i think derek parlane scored for us ?
We and liverpool were the only 2 sides the whole season to have all that end, i have some photos somewhere which i'll try find, and scanner permitting will pop em on here.
The locals were coming out their houses sfter the game giving us glasses of pop and water to quench our thirsts asking us not to smash the place up.
5-1 was the wqriting on the wall really, the 2nd division beckoned  

I remember it well myself Lecter, I had a commemoritive programme for years from the game, it had on he front "swanseas first ever game in Division 1" I was getting it for a mate and had an after thought that it might be worth a few bob in the future and told him they had sold out. it was fucking sweltering, and we did indeed have the whole end, I also remember them cunts running on the pitch from thier main stand which was on the left of us, after every goal they scored after the second, police never did a thing, and two Leeds lads ran on and got battered with the cops.

I tell you what, just watched the video and my eye sight may be going but my memory is still there, notice no fucker moves in second half when they score.
ipswich next away, fucking hell wait for those memories. Oh happy days  drunken

i went by train to that game and remember a top cop getting on train and warning us about the swansea fans would be waiting for us and we would probably be pelted by bricks and bottles. didnt see a thing while be escorted to the ground. im sure during the game after the 5th goal someone set the stand on fire

Set off at Midnight Friday - That was one arseholed bus load of lads that made the slow journey down to South Wales that night  - think we got there about half seven  - Remember a footie match on the beach broken up by coppers - may have played in the same game lecter ? - Boozer we went in opened about 10 ish which was unheard of in England at the time unless you knew a tame Landlord - Like you said lecter never saw a Swansea fan before hand  and had a good walk round the ground before going in -
I remember Peter Barnes commenting in the YEP on the Monday after about his debut saying it was the best away support he'd ever witnessed - Swansea belonged to Leeds that day (shame the team didn't)

You can see the packed end here ( 3min 30s in )  -

Anyone remember these ?- some fucker selling them in town for 10 bob on the friday night  

Why did the season kick off so late when we had a world cup to play in June ?  
Top Rank SC

All i can remember of that day was the sheer numbers of leeds all over the place, getting sun burned and waking up on the train fucking miles away from my stop cos the cunts i was with thought it was funny to not wake me up  as i was still pretty pissed i didnt seem to care too much till the taxi told me how much the fare would be and i had to get my old man to cough up. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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