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The greatest ever film for lads of a certain age

Anyone in there 40s must have seen this film and even been influenced by it. This has gotta be one the best opening sequences ever, the music the scooter, still gets the hairs standing on end. This film made me want a scooter more than anything else in life in the very early 80s.

The original Who recording of Quadrophenia from 1973 before the film even came out was a defining moment in my life - i first heard it at a party around 1976 when i was 15 and it struck a chord so deep i went out and bought it the same the week - i still have was the first LP  that ever made an attempt and understanding what was going on in a youth movement & culture-how as a 16 old you struggle to keep up and maintain face with your peers .Many of the tracks still hold good today...It made me Mod forever and Northern Soul soon became a natural bedmate
The Film was banned in Leeds at the time ,so we saw it in Bradford - Loads of stuff wrong init as it happens - like the "we are the mods " chant for a start ... but it's still a great film which defined IMO the begining of the casual movement of 80/81 salut

"Zoot Suit White Jacket with side vents..5 Inches long...
I'm out on the streets again.. And i'm leaping along..
Dressed right.. For a beach fight... But i just can't explain... Why that uncertain feeling is still here in my brain"  

Oi, postman, you killed my facking scooter  lol
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Id have done Lesley Ash up her alley as well.

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Happens to us all i guess. The cast today:
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