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the latest accounts will be published soon.

will make some interesting reading, on just how much KB has stolen from the club, will also give us a good look at the coming season on the finances available for SG, No excuse now Ken all profits are now under your control, need to pacify a lot of the older lot next season, there will be some stiff competition and lots of money available for the 3 clubs that eventually drop, the teams still on parachute payments, ala Burnley with a 16m gift. So some investment is defiantly needed. I do feel that a lot of long time long suffering Leeds fans are on the point of  giving up the ghost. and need a bit of whooing or incentive to come back out and invest their hard earned on the grossly overpriced ground we never owned, yet ken see fit to invest 14.7 million into, Myself I would have rather seen that sum either gone into 3 quality signings in January when we were joint second with the two welsh teams and just 3 points of the top. or even buying back TA or at least some effort into re-purchasing back ER.  Yes it may be a bit dated but the capacity and facilities would have certainly done us for the next 3-4 years. even if we had  returned to the premiership. we could have at least had a reduced capacity, much better to play in front of 32k every week packed in than 19-22k and a new east stand full of empty executive boxes, the man is fucking clueless.
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Simple accounts summery from Ken Bates: Ive made a fortune so fuck you lot, ill charge as much as i can screw you for.

yeh your right there mate that seems about par for the course....

I have no doubt that Bates will word it that we are skint and can't afford to buy any decent players. I have the same opinion as a few others, why is he spending loads on the East Stand? We should get success first then invest in the ground. Thinking about it tho' he built Chelsea village and then sold it and made a fortune asshole Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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