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todays game

top performance all round i thought,kisnorbo looks a bit suspect but thought we desereved to win,even saw a couple of lads i know clebrating at the front  "hgatevost" from the other forum  and a lad everyone says is max brannings twin     ON ON ON

Unlucky not to win.

Agree on PK if it was AOB he'd have been slated for that performance, TBH PK a shadow of the player he was before injury or maybe just playing at a higher level is above him.

Team spirit very good need to sort out pen's can't afford to blow the chance of scoring from the spot, also while were at it maybe someone can tell Snods it's ok to clear the 1st defender at corners!

Donny Lonnigan, Clayton MOM , White & Keogh very strong all game, Howson did a lot to close down there MF though many will call him anonymous because he wasn't on the ball that much until 2nd half, DOD very solid at the back, Snods & Gradel huffed and puffed but not quite on it today, Macca goal but still something missing for me, Nunez looked very lively when he came on.
Top Rank SC

Very unlucky not to win, thought Gradel was class again, Bates is still a cunt tho.
sheridan dictates

thought criticism of kis was harsh he does what it says on the tin no nonsense commited centre back never goes hiding so will allways be up for criticism when things go wrong at the back
he needs some one in there with quick feet pace n passing ability to compliment him
but sg jus does not like that type of cb for some reason not giving marquis or bruce a fair crack of the whip
thank god sg wasnt manager when radebe was playin
same as last year sort the defence out n we can go up
at least hes got some young legs back there tho id like to see lees at cb with kis showing him the way odea looks slow n pedestrian n lees is a cb before full back
splitting hairs though brilliant performance sat both on n off the pitch Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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