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Tottenham riots

WTF is all that about??? just watched the news and all you could hear was some fucking total cunt shouting justice, we want justice??? clearly the baffoon has no idea what the fuck he is actually asking for here.
Lets look at the facts, the OB go to arrest a man, who then draws a weapon and begins to fire at them, he gets shot. Now just imagine for one minute had this armed criminal shot a member of the public, then all those fucking idiots would be up in arms blaming the police that they didnt act soon enough. Clearly the bloke who has been shot is not exactly an upstanding moral member of the public is he, or does everyone in tottenham go round armed with guns as a matter routine. I hope the ob give the cunts a good fucking hiding tonight cos that had fuck all to do with a protest.
Also saw some cunt being interviewed saying we went to the police station for answers and got none!!!! shock fucking horror, what a dick, did he expect the police to give him a full report on the shooting a couple of days after it happened? these people have no fucking clue what they are asking for, a full inquiry will take months into the shooting not 2 days.
These cunts need to take a look at themselves before blaming the police for what befalls them....Rant over.

they should have shot the fucking lot of them, another bunch of bog rats on a fucking looting spree. with the council and the taxpayer having to foot the bill again for the clean up. fetch back fucking hanging for the cunts.

couldnt quite believe what my eyes were showing me, typical fukin niggers!
fuk the lot. hope the police open fire tonight on them.
imagine if it was a football lad carrying on like this after a quie protest, imagine that eh. every single lad would be chopped up and sent to prison.
fukin joke that they stood by and watched those greasy fukin rats looting and petrol bombing cars. country is fuked!

the guy who got shot obviously wasn'y carrying a weapon for the fun of it, he was something dodgy and he knew it, which is why he open fire himself.
bring on the revolution    salut
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I wouldnt consider myself at all racist, got some good black mates and mates from other races as well, always gone on the basis of if your a cunt your a cunt regardless of colour or race, but i have to say certain sections of black population do themselves no favours at all, and whats all this white kids trying to be black shit Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad cannot understand how a fucking white kid can talk like hes from jamaica, silly fucking cunts.
There was some black lawyer on radio 5 today banging on like it was the polices fault for what happened and she said she is going to take action against the police and urged people to come to her to sue the police over there heavy handed tactics????????? wtf. I fucking dispair when we have cunts like that who claim to represent the black community.
If i was the OB id fucking kick fuck out of em, fuck the little rodent scumbags, hit em hard.

Whats for certain Cameron doing his best Nero impression though fiddling while Larndan burns, how are those 20% cuts in the police looking now?

I cant see any point in standing there with a plastic shield ffs, where's the tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, let the fucking vermin feel the full force, and if that does not shift em fetch the army in with live amunition, If your prepared to burn down innocent peoples homes and destroy thier lives, then you can take a bullet for me, utter pondlife.

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