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Transfer market gone mad.

Fuck me how can any player be worth that kinda money, make no wonder the games gone to the dogs and players are just so far removed from reality these days. Evil or Very Mad

Fucking ridiculous. working mans game my arse
Orc ass

I ve got a dish have you lads ?Sky are consuming the game from within and those who have a dish are part of the problem.What would you do if an eastern european or middle eastern group took us over .I hear the Bates stuff ,its right lads but they dont care about us they know we are gonna keep payin so dont care .Bates ,Sky all of em .     FC United of Leeds anyone ?
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The game has been robbed from the working man without a doubt. To my mind sky and money has ruined the game beyond repair. We now have players who dont give a fuck about the club they play for or the fans (Alan judas smith a prime example< may he never darken our doors again).
They are so removed from reality now its beyond me, we have players in the upper leagues who believe they are above the law, they get away with drink driving, speeding, physical and sexual assault you name it, they think and they are in many ways above the law.
Many wouldnt give you or I the time of day, so far up their own backsides its a wonder they dont disappear from view (i wish some would)
Playing for their national team is no longer an honour for them, it is a means of making even more money whilst putting in shite performances and still getting paid more than you or i earn in a year.

Ticket prices are ridiculous especially ours with bates screwing us big time because he knows the true fans amongst us will cough up whatever the price to follow the team we grew up with and love, there will come a point though where many will feel fuck it and the sooner that comes the better because until we as fans say we are not gonna be taken for cash cows and mugs the powers that be will continue to screw us over.
We put up with shit stewarding and policing, we pay over the odds for shite ale and food and watch in our case over recent years crap football, what other breed of person would do that? if you saw a shit film you wouldnt continue to pay to go see it, we are mugs and i know it.

The money in the game now has killed off the spirit of competition in football, we all know who will win the league and the cup, its one of about 4 teams usually. Pompey winning the cup was a one off, gone are the days when you could get a forest working their way through the leagues and becoming the most successfull team in the land through pure hard work. Now success is bought not earned and worked hard on.
Man i could go on and on but fuck it, the game i love is fucked big time and im beginning to wonder why i fucking bother other than to see the lads and have a laugh.

Just as you say top rank, i wont be paying cunto's prices next season if we manage to go up, i didnt pay for the arsenal at home, i do go to all home games in the league, but i'm afraid i'm being priced out.
I shall see this season out, the way we are again faultering after xmas means we might stay put, as i said, if we go up, i wont be paying sillymoney , i'll pick and choose, shame really, ive been going since 1968, regularly since 74, didnt miss a game for 9 consecutive seasons, home or away, but ive had enough of all this mega-bucks bollocks, as has been said, working mans game my arse.
Wonder if we wreck our own scoreboard will bates fuck off ??

The frightening thing is that the Lecters, topranks, gravys of LUFC are on thier last legs with following the club. I remember in the late 80s and early 90s when I never missed a game home, away, abroad and even the pre-season trips to Ireland or Europe. been to Malta, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, you name all the diiferent countries Leeds have played since 82 and Ive been to them all. I wish I could put my finger on what it is, but I just cant be arsed anymore, and Im sure its an age thing.

Granted times have changed and we can all remember the GOD, but I think people have changed to, Its just not the atmos anymore, its far to strictly policed/stewarded, prices are a fucking rip off, and im fortunate enough to be able to well afford it yet begrudge paying it, the majority of the years I followed them I really couldnt afford it, spent many a Friday night setting off early and thumbing it with me mate, spending all night stuck in service stations waiting for the morning light before we could carry on thumbing the rest of our journey, Then going round the car parks after the game, and blagging lifts back with any supporters club bus that would give us a lift northbound. Swiping burgers or pies in the ground and doing runners from Indians and Chinkys on a Sat night on the way back as we never had any coinage for scran.

Theres also to many fucking numpties thinking that they are lads. But then again were I one of them numpties to the older lads when I were a teen?.  Nearly everything in the ground on matchday agrravates the fuck out of me. all in all a trip to ER just does not wet the taste buds like it used to. Even if we go up and play, Manyoo, Chelski, Yids, Wet Spam. at ER nothing happens anymore. especially pre-match.

And the worst part is if we went up with bates at the helm, we would be treated to fuck! all he still wouldnt spend. The transfer window has been and gone and we are on the verge of going up, ANY Director worth his salt would have made that final push and done all he could for the jump to the promised land and all its riches, its worth a minimum 96M for 3 seasons even if we bomb out in the first season. 10k extra people per game or 10k extra STs at premier prices are worth at least 10m a season with all the add ons of merchandise, beer, pies, etc, I do have a bit of an idea how a business runs as its my job, in forecasting profits/losses, future investment, seasonal fluctuations. and this cunt is just fleecing the fans of LUFC.

All in all the old guard are falling by the wayside fast, we are not in the media spotlight (ie sky sports premier lge, MOTD) to attract even the new generation of plastic glory hunters, who seem to think its trendy to be seen at the Emirates, OT, regardless of geographical location or any link with that club through family ties. theres nobody to replace us, and the even more frightening part is how many of the old boys are from out of town. You cant deny that Leeds the biggest 1 football team city in the Uk has a dismal following from locals in fact its fucking shamefull. I know all past succesfull clubs of a certain era, leeds 70s, liverpool 80s, manyoo 90s, Arse Chelski 00s collected supporters from all over the regions, And no more so than ours, if you were to take the out of area Leeds fans away we would be fucked, average 25k and I know 8k are from out of the area. sad but true. And a lot of them are starting to give up the ghost as its just not the same as it used to be. And as the above posters have allready posted, god fucking help us if we make the premier, Bates would fucking batter us on prices. Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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