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Top Rank SC

Who still smiling then????


Re: Who still smiling then????

Top Rank SC wrote:
    put piss taking aside for a moment(which is hard i know) but that performance by barca last night was unbelieveable,quite simply the best team i have ever seen now. to say they hammered scum is an understatement SUBJACATED,DOMINATED AND ANNIHALATED is more like it and while that team stays together the scum have as much chance of winning the champions league again as i of have platting fog, and long may it continue as it may just make old purple nose think fuck it i've had enough.  ON ON ON

Ok lets put this in to perspective. I am as happy as everyone that the Scum got beat by Barcelona but as i posted on another forum they are still Argie loving Spanish cunts who during the Falklands war supported Argentina and as i know personally spat on English people. So for me lets stop kissing their fucking Spanish arses and move on. Not all of us forgive and forget that easily!!!

here here pitbull, I do hate manu with a passion, but I also hate the greasy little spics more, I didnt want manu to win mainly because of all the gloating cunts around here, and I didnt want the spics to win either. so I go against the grain maybe and admit I would rather have seen an English team win it than the spics. because as much as England are shite at football, I am still English and love to see victory in anything English against any johny foreigner. (well ok any other English team bar manu then) Forum Index -> Leeds Service Crew Forum.
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